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Our after school sports program is an important extension of the day. Students develop their interests and talents, discover new ones through our activities that reinforce what they learn in the school and encourage physical, mental development to build self esteem. Along the way, students share experiences and create friendships that are an important factor to support kids’ psychosocial development and a fun way to spend time after school hours.


The range of the course is extensive to spark minds, bodies, and imaginations which lead to harmonious diverse development. 


Our After School Program starts at 3:00 PM and ends at 6:00 PM Monday to Friday. It includes Sports Activity, Homework 

Supervision, Snack Break, and In-Class Child Development. Also, we offer a daily pick-up service. 

We always recommend pre-registering for the full academic year since spots fill up quickly.

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Every parent wants their kids to be happy, healthy and successful. Our academy offers diverse developments that represent an important and necessary factor for any kid to become healthy and happy. To develop the kids harmoniously and comprehensively it is important to cover intellectual, physical and psychological types of developments. All You Can Do Academy has designed an After School Sports program covering all 3 aspects of the diverse development. Martial Arts and Fitness classes will help your kids' physical aspect. Our Child Development Class will expand the intellectual part of your child's development.

It is our commitment to continue to build positive and enjoyable learning experiences and seek the best for your child and your family.   




"I am extremely grateful for the after school program. They pick up my kids from school, they do homework with them, they do sports, arts and provide caring and comfortable environment for the kids to be in. Our family love it here. Thank you to all the staff and management."


This has been an amazing place for After School program for our son. I totally recommend it. They have fitness activities, do homework and have supervised playtime. My son is always happy to come and the staff is amazingly dedicate


My daughter and son are enrolled in the after school and ballet program and to put it simply this is the best decision i have made thus far. They have a great time and are always so excited to show me what they have learned, the teachers there are amazing the owners really care about you and always make sure things are going good and the kids are learning and excelling to the best of their abilities. I look forward to signing up my newborn when shes old enough

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